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Do you feel like people always want something from you? Feel guilty when you take time for yourself? Learn to overcome these challenges and more so you can stop just surviving and start LIVING your life. 

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Hey, friend! I'm Kelsie!

If you're new here, you may not know yet, but I specialize in helping burnt-out people-pleasers learn to jump off the burnout roller-coaster, say no (without feeling like they're about to be sick!) and use daily routines to support better self-care. ---Yes, even if you've tried (and failed with) all the planners and habit trackers known to man!

My mission is to help you learn simple, sustainable self-care routines so you can find your Spark again. ✨

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Free Workshop: Not Today, Satan: 3 Steps to Saying NO to Sh*t That Doesn't Matter

Do you feel like you're going to be sick every time you have to tell someone "no?" Or find yourself adamant that you're not going to agree to something, but when the time comes, you cave in and say yes? Learn to say no without feeling like a jerk in this free workshop!

Check Out Find Your Spark 1:1 Coaching and Get the Support You Need

Find Your Spark 1:1 Coaching is a 12-week program that teaches you both mindset and practical skills so you can find your Spark again. In this container, you can get the support you need to create lasting change. Book a call to see if Find Your Spark 1:1 Coaching is right for you.